Initial evaluation and two coaching sessions
For parents and students in 3-12th grade and college students

Prior to the first meeting:
Parent, teacher and child complete the Brief (Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function Skills).  College students complete the Brief and have the option of having a parent or teacher complete one as well.
An on line learning style inventory is completed by the student.
The above materials and other previous, relevant information (nueropsych evaluation, IEP, school transcripts, latest report card, etc.) are sent to Think Smart Coaching.

Initial Evaluation:
A thorough personal interview and review of the BRIEF and other relevant materials pinpoint areas of lagging skills and form the basis of a collaborative, realistic plan.

Subsequent coaching sessions:
Subsequent coaching sessions are either with the parent and/or the student. Coaching sessions are collaborative, flexible and consistently assess the success and durability of a given plan.

Additional sessions are a package of 5 sessions for $425.00 or $125.00 for single sessions.